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Jack Daniel’s Mayo Vurger by Luca

There’s not much better in life than biting into a juicy burger with a meaty beef texture and flavour… or maybe there is? Luca Vurgers don’t have any cholesterol or saturated fats giving you the...

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Lemon cornflake Vurgers by Luca

The best vegan lemon chicken recipe is here. The secret? Luca's incredible vegan burger, which has the exact same flavour and texture as chicken, but is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. In...

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Nkate Nkawan Delights by Luca

Enjoy all the flavours of African cuisine with this delicious sauce recipe from Central Africa. The traditional recipe is based on locally sourced products such as peanuts, rice, lentils, peas,...

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Matcha Tea Pancakes by Easyfood

Ideal for breakfast, dessert or brunch! This delicious recipe for American pancakes with red fruit syrup will leave you wanting more. Made with Easyfood Pancakes, a traditional American food...

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Pulled pork lasagna by Easyfood

The Queen of all lasagnas has arrived! Made with Easyfood’s juicy barbecue pulled pork, this recipe is sure to become your restaurant's next success. With pulled pork from our ready-to-eat range,...

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