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Roasted chicken breast skewers by Easyfood

Chicken skewer, shish kebab, brochette… There are thousands of names for chicken skewers, one of the most popular Mediterranean recipes in the world. With Easyfood‘s roasted chicken breast pieces, the chicken is already chopped, roasted and frozen piece by piece, making it easier than ever to prepare this delicious chicken skewer recipe.

You can use endless different vegetable combinations to prepare this delicious Mediterranean dish, without forgetting the most important ingredient of course: roast chicken. So grab some wooden skewers and get ready to prepare these delicious skewers in barbecue sauce. Easy and delicious!


Trazado 52530

500 g Easyfood roast chicken pieces

Trazado 52530

1 Green pepper

Trazado 52530

2 Cherry tomatoes per skewer

Trazado 52530

40 g Basmati rice

Trazado 52530

Barbecue sauce

Trazado 52530

Worcestershire sauce

Trazado 52530

HP sauce

Trazado 52530

Olive oil

How to prepare


Defrost the Easyfood roasted chicken breast pieces. Although you can cook the product from frozen, you will need to defrost it in this case to be able to push the skewers through the chicken.


Time to boil the rice

Rinse the rice in a sieve before cooking. Boil the basmati rice in a saucepan with water and salt, following the product instructions. Once the rice is cooked, strain it and set aside.


Skewer the ingredients

Cut the green pepper into suitable size chunks for the skewer. Alternate the cherry tomatoes, green pepper chunks and roasted chicken pieces. 


Bake for 15 min


Place the chicken and vegetable skewers on a baking tray. Use a brush to paint them with a mixture of Barbecue sauce, Lea & Perrins and HP sauce. Put the tray in the oven, pre-heated to 180º, and brush the skewers every 3 minutes with the mixture of sauces to add extra flavour.


Shall we plate up?

Put the rice on a plate as the base of the dish, and add the colourful and perfectly cooked skewers on top. An unbeatable recipe!