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We aim to offer our catering and hospitality distributors and customers an exceptional service and business model, with prospects for sustained and profitable growth. We are an unconditional partner to our suppliers, and for our employees, we are the best place to work.

Nuestra evolución


IDG was founded as an import and representation company that markets frozen products from different brands to distributors in Spain, focusing on FOOD&SERVICE.


We included exclusive ranges of processed and cooked products that have allowed us to expand our sales and increase our presence in Spain.


We inaugurated our new and current offices.


We started packaging our IDG Gastronomic brand—a selection of frozen products with some of own unique developments. We signed production agreements in 9 countries.


We created the Easyfood brand, a range of easy cooking products including our Vgama range of pre-cooked and roasted products, for modern catering.

We obtained IFS BROKER quality certification. We ended the year with 250 customers, distributors and companies in the industry. We recorded a turnover of €8.6m and consolidated our professional team of 10 people.


We created the LUCA brand of high quality vegan products. We diversified and introduced our products to retail, while expanding into the Portuguese market.


We renewed our brand image and relaunched our website as a major strategic and crucial step for the growth of our business in Spain and to increase our international potential.

Through these changes, we wanted to show how excited we were to keep growing, while adapting to innovation without losing our corporate DNA.

Our team

Our 2020 success stories

The consequences of COVID have been devastating for many businesses, especially in the hospitality sector. The obligation to close or reduce capacity to mitigate the spread of the pandemic have prevented business activity from running as normal. This means that delivery has become one of the most efficient solutions to help the effect on the industry.

Our brands, EASYFOOD and LUCA FOODS, are very focused on this new service model and were a success formula for many of our customers during 2020.

Our industry knowledge

From Barcelona, our professional team researches and develops products that adapt to the latest trends. To get the very best results, we have the best industrial plants with the most advanced processing, cooking and ultra-freezing technology. The needs of the market are diverse—fast food, precooked products, gluten-free products, vegetable protein… There is not a single industrial company who can meet them all.
We have the industrial flexibility the market needs. Each plant has the necessary technology for each product category, which means we can meet any demands and adapt very quickly to new trends. What do you need?


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Our sustainable footprint

The Luca forest

LUCA teamed up with Bosquia to sponsor the reforestation of forests in Spain. The first action took place in Padrena del Rincón, Madrid. The forest is made up of 150 trees—hawthorn, spindle, thyme, rose bushes, wild apple trees, rowan and maple trees.

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