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Specialists in haute cuisine of frozen products

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Gestionamos toda la cadena de valor de productos congelados de Europa.


What we do

We are specialists in the sustainable high-end frozen products. Our philosophy is to offer our customers a completely unique culinary experience, taking care of every detail of our processes, products, brands and services.

About us


What we are all about

To offer culinary solutions that leave a mark. We are curious and passionate about developing high-end, innovative food products that follow the latest culinary trends.

About us


How we do it

We are developing a comprehensive project that covers the entire value chain of frozen food products:
R&D: we turn ideas into reality.
Production: our catalogue of products is always adapted to new trends.
Distribution: we have a network of more than 300 national distributors that allows us to reach anywhere in Spain in less than 24/72 hours.

About us

Nuestras marcas

Exploramos los sabores del mundo y tendencias gastronómicas del mercado y las hacemos realidad desde la producción de gamas propias con marcas propias especialmente elaboradas para retail y food & service.

Sabores del mundo

Easyfood es la alternativa ideal para que tu restaurante tenga una carta temática, internacional con todos los sabores del mundo. Easyfood es comida congelada de alta calidad: quinta gama, aperitivos y postres.
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Proteína 100% vegetal

Luca es la mejor alternativa de carne vegetal elaborada con proteína 100% vegetal que logra la misma textura y sabor que la carne de pollo y ternera. Es una excelente opción para disfrutar de una alta gastronomía vegana y con todo el sabor.
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Top ventas

Conocemos tu negocio, conocemos a tu cliente y por eso podemos ayudarte a desarrollar una carta a medida que logre potenciar al máximo tu oferta.

Chicken Pops

Small chicken meatballs, coated in crispy cornflakes cereal. Perfect to serve with sauce!

BBQ Pork Ribs

Pork rib strips, grilled with authentic barbecue sauce and cooked in low temperatura.

Pulled Pork

Delicious pulled pork meat, very juicy and already 100% cooked with barbecue sauce.

Vurger Cornflakes Luca

Crispy hamburger made of 100% wheat protein. Tasted, texture and scent identical to chicken. Breaded in cornflakes cereals for a crunchy touch. Breaded in cornflakes cereals for a crunchy touch.

Vurger Luca

Hamburger made of 100% green peas protein. Scent, taste and texture identical to beef meat. Perfect to grill!

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Tips gastronómicos

El crecimiento de tu negocio es también parte de nuestro proyecto. Por este motivo, te damos algunos tips siguiendo las últimas tendencias gastronómicas.

Restaurants and bars

15 tips on how running a restaurant

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How to respect the cooling chain?

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Best before vs. use by date

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The vacuum packaging process

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“Una comida sin postre es como un traje sin corbata”

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Their perfectionism, continuous adaptability to the current market and customisation of each of their services has improved year after year. At Ibipelmar we are very pleased to have a quality supplier who provides us with the right products at the right time and in the right context
Al-Andalus Distribuidores

Al-Andalus Distribuidores

Availability, punctuality and high product quality make us more and more proud of our partnership with IDG. We can always count on their support for any joint commercial action. I’m sure we’ll be working together for many years to come
Comercial Coimbra. Artesania en Frutos secos

Comercial Coimbra

I would like to highlight the close relationship they have with us, and that they always pay attention to any market opportunity. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you can count on a company that provides guarantees. They are always constantly evolving and improving their products. Their range is adapted to 21st century cuisine, while they also offer an efficient and speedy delivery of orders


They are a great companion in the development of our business activity as a distributor in the area. They have also been a fabulous companion in terms of how they have handled everything we need, attentive and with great attention to detail


Their varied range, which is modern and easy to regenerate, is what convinced us to start working with IDG. Thanks to our partnership with them, we have begun to meet the needs of a customer profile that we had not previously dealt with. I would also highlight our close and friendly relationship with their team
Modern Food

Modern Food

To be able to have an assorted range at the right time. The practicality of being able to combine a current and specialist cuisine makes our work much easier. For us, IDG is another member of the family. They always pay attention to the new products on the market

Recetas del chef

Nos inspiramos en los que saben y trabajamos juntos para crear los mejores platos con nuestras marcas especialmente pensadas para tu carta.
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